Terms and Conditions

What are the Dates, Times, Location for the next camp?

Our Rising Women: Mother Daughter Camp will be held from 4:00 pm on Friday 13 August and finishes approx. 4:00 pm on Sunday 15 August at Yarrakorra in the Byronshire of Northern NSW.

What is the camping / and site accomodation like?

The camping accomodation includes a separate tent for you and your daughter to share already set up with stretchers and sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, pillows and pillowcases. Plus Hot Water bottles if needed! There is a hot shower will constant hot water on tap looking out over the extraordinary landscape. The site has compost toilets with full amenities for washing hands and sanitary disposal. Below is a picture of the studio where we hold all our sessions and circles...

Tell me more about the programme...

The programme flow is based on the Rites of Passage framework, and the content is focused on the issues that research and experience tell us that our 10-14 year old girls are navigating at this age: - Friendships, including the dramas that so often start at this age, and exploring what friendship really is (outside of social media) - Understanding Menstrual Well being and body changes / exploring our body image beliefs - Supporting our girls in the challenge of the need to 'fit in, to shift toward honouring our unique gifts and talents and being our authentic selves. - Unpacking the ‘good girl / hot girl’ stereotypes that can keep us from regarding ourselves with kindness and compassion. - Boundaries and consent (not specifically with regard to sexual relationships) but in advocating for and speaking up for what we need. For mums we have a couple of mums only sessions to share about the changes or challenges you are experiencing, we unpack some cultural beliefs about motherhood, support your communication strategies as your daughter moves into this next phase of adolescence, and look at what self care is for mothers of teens. We mix the sessions and fun activities across the 2 days, so some are together with your daughter, some are just for the girls, or just for mums. Overall this weekend is about time for you and your daughter to be together, to explore some topics, hear from and share with other mums and girls at the same age, and to have fun! Our aim is not to tell you how to parent, but to support you to trust yourself and her on this teenage journey you are about to embark on together.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of $990.00 per pair includes the programme plus all meals, accomodation and teas and coffees for the weekend.

Who are the facilitators?

The main facilitators on this programme (who are also all mothers of girls) will be: Kamya O’Keeffe, Senior Facilitator of Women’s and Mother’s programmes and our Leadership Trainings with The Rites of Passage Institute Tracey Burns, Founder of Unstoppable Girls Gabrielle Goldklang, Founder of Girl Wisdom Kamala Rose, Pathways to Womanhood Facilitator and Coming of Age Circle Holder for girls ages 10-15
Caroline Cowley, Embodiment practices for nervous system support and MotherCare Project Plus a couple of amazing young women as special guest facilitators!